1-Hour Rated Home & Office Fire Safe Features:

For protecting wills, deeds, tax records and other important papers, every home should have a fire resistant safe.
Convenient keypad locks and 1-hour 350 degree protection make these safes ideal for home and office use.

•One-hour K.I.S. Fire Rating
•Easy-to-use Electronic Lock With Keypress Tone and LCD Readout.
•Operates on 2 AA Batteries (Supplied)
•Center Hole for Bolting Down (Anchor Supplied)
•Durable "Black Matte" Finish
•(1) Shelf
Baron 1-Hour Fire Safe
Door Features:
•Black textured body and door.
•Large brass plated dial and black matte finish dial ring.
•1/2" A36 solid steel plate. New steel guards protect lock and relock from accidental damage.
•U.L. listed Group II lock with relock. An additional relocking device, activated by punching attack.
•Heavy duty dead bar behind the hinge prevents removal of door even if the hinges are removed during forced entry attempt.
•Convenient, reversible lift-out door with a heavy duty handle.

Body Features:
•One piece 8" square tubular “B” Rate construction.
•Universal jamb design allows the door to be positioned in all four directions.
•Continuous welded collar for added protection against pry attacks.
•A flush cover plate for total concealment under a carpet.
The black textured painted safe door of the Mini-Brute In-Floor Safe features a large brass plated dial and a matte black finish dial ring. The really
thick 1/2" safe door (for this price of a safe) has steel guards that protect the lock and a relock is also standard.

Keep in mind that in order to maximize the safes security, a security professional should install this in the concrete of your home or business. Our
Security Professionals can help you find a professional installer. Give them a call at 1 800 207 2259. Be careful when choosing a spot for the
installation of the safe, if the floors are being used with lots of water on them another safe might be appropriate as the contents will get wet. The
door is not water proof.

The AMSEC Floor Safe Model B400 B-Rated Burglary Safe is just one in series of many in-floor safes manufactured by American Security Products.
AMSEC Square Body Floor Safes
STAR Floor safes are engineered with advanced security features. STAR Tube safes have been the standard for gas stations, fast food, small retail
establishments and home owners for over 50 years. Low cost, combined with the various body styles and optional doors will fit almost any cash
handling system. When properly installed in concrete, STAR Floor safes provide maximum fire and burglary protection. Now, with the water resistant
dust cover, you get protection from water as well.

“C” Rate Lift-Out Door Features:
•Manipulation resistant, unitized U.L. Group II key changeable lock protected by a revolving carburized hardplate.
•Removable dial and drive/drill resistant spindle preventing damage from burglary attack and additional protection from hold-up.
•Door, 7-1/4" clear opening, is 1-3/4" solid steel.
•Door is securely locked by three bolts each requiring over 25,000 pounds to shear.
•Each locking bolt has its own hardened steel positive relocking bolt.
•Body — Heavy “B” rate construction.

Other Features:
•Water resistant, high impact molded dust cover with rubber “O”-ring seal does not rattle or slide like most covers.
•STAR’s double compartment models provide the commercial user with the most effective cash handling system available. Hold-up as well as
burglary protection is greatly enhanced by use of this type of safe. Available with dual key inner compartment. Manager holds one key, the armored
car driver, or employee holds the second.
STAR® Round Lift Out Door Floor Safes
Our Showroom Stock                                                                                        
•Strong, formed "B" Rate construction made of A36 solid steel plate for improved security and appearance.
•Formed door jamb for increased resistance to sledgehammer attack.
•Four anchor bolt holes are standard.
Door: Model Number 2014, 2714 and 3214
•1/2" thick A36 solid steel plate, recessed 1/2" to increase resistance to pry attack.
•U.L. Group II combo lock (C), U.L. listed dual nose keylock (K).
•Three 1" diameter chromed steel locking bolts.
•Bolt detent system engages boltwork automatically.
•Auxiliary spring-loaded relocking device.
•Lock and relock protected by large carburized hardplate.
(Additional features: Model #2731)
•(3) 1" bolts x 1/2" rectangular plated bolts.

•2014/2714 are available w/ reverse hopper.
•Large package sizes:
◦(Extra-large Rotary): 6-1/4"D x 5" W x 10-1/2"L
◦(Front/Reverse Load): 4"D x 2"W x 9-3/4"L
•Recessed, heavy duty 3/16" construction (1/4" door).
•Protected by dual “anti-fish” baffles.
Additional Features: Wide Body Model (2731)
•Unique space-efficient, side-by-side design creates full depth depository and large storage compartment.
•Accepts cash trays up to 13" x 18".
•Optional coin rack available on storage compartment door.
AMSEC Rotary and Front Loading Deposit Safes
•Overall thickness of 4-5/8" and is constructed with a 2" defense barrier of outer and inner steel plates creating a burglary resistant structure
enclosing a unique proprietary, fire resistant material.

•Total protective thickness of 2-7/8" enclosing a unique, high-density fire and burglary resistant composite material.
•Durable powder coated adjustable shelves.
•Removable casters provide easy delivery and installation.

Fire Endurance:
•2 hour, 350°F factory fire rating. Tested at temperatures up to 1700°F.
•Heat expandable intumescent door seal guards contents against severe fires.

Locking Mechanism:
•Two to four 1½" diameter solid steel chrome-plated locking bolts.
•Two to three 1½" diameter solid steel dead bolts lock deep into body preventing door removal during a forced entry attempt.
•U.L. Listed Group II combination lock with chrome-plated spy-proof dial. Optional electronic locks available.
•Lock protected by a tempered glass
relock device.
•Heavy duty steel hinges provide easy, smooth door operation.
•One internal counter-sunk anchor hole and mounting hardware are provided to securely anchor safe.
•Attractively accented with a full width facia panel and matching three point handle,
•Durable and attractive light gray textured finish..
AMSEC Commercial Security Safes
• Heavy Duty Construction - Body is solid plate steel construction with a 1/2” solid plate steel door.
• Front-Loading Access - Depositories have a smooth mailbox type mechanism which allows for under counter placement of the safe.
• Fish-Resistant – International depository safes incorporate an anti-fish baffle to deter a common method of theft where employees and burglars
attempt to ”fish” the safe contents through the deposit drawer.
• Bolt Detent – When the safe door is opened, the chrome plated bolts remain retracted inside the door to prevent damage to the bolts as the door
is closed.
• Auto Lock Feature – When the door is fully closed, the locking bolts automatically extend in the safe body, locking the door.
• Standard Locking Devices – UL-listed Group II combination locks and single or double nose keylocks are the standard choices for Cash
Management safes. All locks are protected by a drill-resistant hardplate.
• Relocker – All locking mechanisms are equipped with a spring-loaded device that disables the safe during a forced entry.
• Anchor Holes – For extra security, each safe has a minimum of two built-in anchor holes for bolting the safe to the floor.
ARFE Undercounter Safe
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